Professional Mortgages

Finding a mortgage can sometimes be more difficult depending on your profession. We’re here to help you find the perfect product.

Are You a Professional Looking for a Mortgage?

If you are a professional looking to get onto the property ladder, you might not know where to begin, you might also not have the time due to long, demanding shifts. Additionally, you might not be aware that you have access to better deals because of your profession.

Whether you are a doctor, teacher, police officer, company director or high-earner, we can help get the best mortgage deal for you. We have the ability to secure the best rates and terms, regardless of what type of mortgage you are looking for.

What Are Professional Mortgages?

Professional mortgages are the same as any other mortgage, as they help you secure your dream home, however, the difference with professional mortgages is that they are designed for high-earning professionals and provide some great benefits to those individuals.

Luckily with our help and guidance, you can secure a professional mortgage, with next to no hassle or stress.

Benefits of Professional Mortgages

As a professional or a high earner, your financial and career stability can help secure low rates, no matter how high your desired mortgage value. So, why do high earning professional seem to get preferential treatment?

Many banks and mortgage lenders will offer professionals, such as doctors, teachers, company directors and police officers enhanced calculations and favourable rates on their mortgage as they are seen as more reliable long-term risks.

Luckily, we have access to banks and lenders across the UK, so that we can negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf. We are independent and impartial and we work for you, not the mortgage lender – therefore we always have your best interests at heart.

We will assess your personal circumstances, regardless of how complex or discrete your financial situation.

Cannot recommend Regal Finance enough! Matthew and Kirsti were amazing and completely took the stress out of the process. They were always available to answer questions and guide us through everything. I found they had access to a wider range of products than other advisors I had used in the past. I will be recommending Regal Finance Group to everyone I know!
L Fowler
L Fowler
Matthew and his team have gone above and beyond to help us with our mortgage. As first time buyers we decided to seek advice from a mortgage advisor. After having an offer accepted on a house we needed some support with the mortgage fairly quickly and Matthew managed to fit us in out of usual hours to suit us. We had a very detailed call with him and all our questions were answered. From this point onwards Kirsti managed our application and the whole process was fast and effortless as they managed everything. We made the best decision using Regal finance. If you choose to go with Regal you’ll be in good hands.
Jamie Wells
Jamie Wells
I can’t recommend regal finance group enough. Kirsti and Matthew have been amazing. They are so quick to respond and the advice they give has been so helpful. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need a mortgage. Thanks Jamie and Lauren
Sam Powell
Sam Powell
Excellent service and company
Erion Andoni
Erion Andoni
I recently had the pleasure of working with Rick to secure a mortgage for my new home and a buy-to-let mortgage for my existing property. Rick's assistance was truly invaluable throughout the entire process. Rick effortlessly guided me through both processes, making sure every detail was covered. His commitment to assist and his availability and willingness to answer my questions, no matter how small was exemplary. Rick's expertise in mortgages was impressive. He made a complex process seem straightforward. I wholeheartedly recommend Rick as a mortgage broker. He is not only skilled but also genuinely cares about his clients' success.
I did my due dilligence looking at various brokers and was pleased to have received excellent help and direction from the Regal Finance Group. From the lead advisor to the administration team we were kept updated and communication was steady. Our situation was not an easy one for the team but they persevered and assisted us well.
Peter Nelson
Peter Nelson
We've had a great experience with Regal Finance Group both getting our mortgage initially and now re-mortgaging a few years later. Particulalry during the current turbulent market we really appreciated how calm they made us feel by presenting our options clearly and answering all of our questions. We'd highly recommend them, they have really taken the stress out of mortages!
samantha sothcott
samantha sothcott
Matthew and Kirsti at Regal Finance have been absolutely brilliant through a difficult remortgage. Always available to talk through anything and explain processes when needed. I would definitely recommend their services and thank them for their guidance.
amy evans
amy evans
Kirsti and Matt were super helpful and always at the end of the phone to explain everything in detail to me. They saved us a lot of money and had great contacts to use and everyone worked together really well to get it over the line in time. Would highly recommend
izzy P
izzy P
Can not recommend enough! Matthew and his team gave me the most amazing support throughout my process. Buying a property for the first time can be daunting and Matthew gave me fantastic advice and talked me through everything in as much detail as I needed.


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    Mortgages for Doctors

    Are you a Doctor? If you are, you may not be aware that you may be entitled to a better deal for your mortgage. Mortgages for doctors are available at reduced rates, generous affordability calculations and favourable terms – whether you’re a first-time buyer, searching for a remortgage deal, or looking for practice finance.

    We can help you find the best professional mortgages available on the market. Our advisors understand the unique working and financial arrangements of medical professionals and can help you secure the lowest rate possible.

    Regardless, if you’re a newly-qualified doctor with lots of debt looking to get onto the property ladder or whether you are working your way through the training grades, we can help you find the best mortgage deal. You could be a surgeon, consultant, or GP, all you need to do is contact us to find the most competitive mortgages for doctors.

    Mortgages for Teachers

    As a teacher, you might find it difficult to obtain a good deal for a mortgage. Maybe you work on a supply basis (short or long term) or get your teaching work through an agency. We understand that a lot of teachers are unable to acquire a permanent position, or enjoy the challenge and variety that fixed term or temporary contracts provide. However, lenders don’t tend to view things the same way that we do.

    Usually, lenders are more cautious toward the sustainability of supply teaching or work that is irregular. However, we know that teaching can be a stressful job and that it shouldn’t be made as challenging to obtain a mortgage.

    So we can help put a case together for you to prove to lenders your income potential through your employment history. We approach lenders that we know will consider applications on a case-by-case basis so that you have a good chance when it comes to obtaining the best mortgage deal.

    Mortgages for Company Directors

    As a company director, it can be a bizarre thing knowing that in some cases you will find it more difficult to obtain a mortgage than some of the employees that work for you!

    The lending criteria implemented by many mainstream lenders are not particularly favourable towards self-employed applicants, and even less so when it comes to the more complex finances of limited company directors.

    When it comes to finding the ideal mortgage for you, you might not know where to begin and it’s not unreasonable to feel like you may struggle. But rest assured there are lenders out there that offer professional mortgages to limited company directors and we can help put you in contact with them.

    Mortgages for Police

    We understand the requirements, pressures and needs of serving and retired officers and staff. Therefore, our dedicated team of expert mortgage advisers will scour the market to find the best mortgage deal for you. We take into account any post allowances, overtime and other special payments that are unique to policing to help you obtain the best mortgage deal.

    Why Choose Us for Professional Mortgages

    The problem with many mortgage lenders is that they apply their strict criteria to all applicants, without considering their individual circumstances.

    However, we are specialists in dealing with professionals and high-earners looking to obtain the best mortgage deal. The relationships we have built allows us to negotiate the best possible deals for professional mortgages, on your behalf.


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