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Looking for a Bad Credit Mortgage?

When you have a bad credit score, it can seem like your options are significantly limited, especially when it comes to obtaining credit. You may try to take out a personal loan, credit card or car finance by filling out lengthy application forms to reach the same conclusion: you’ve not been successful on this occasion.

A lot of lenders tend to base their decision to lend to you on your credit score, so if your credit score is ‘bad’ or you have no credit, it could impact whether or not you will be accepted for credit on a lot of things.

You may feel like the situation is going to be the same when you are trying to obtain a mortgage. And you may even feel put off by the idea that you might not be successful and won’t bother trying anyway.

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that, that isn’t the case and there are still plenty of lenders out there who are willing to provide you with a good quality mortgage, even with bad credit and we will find them for you. We believe that everyone should be entitled to owning their dream home, regardless of their credit score.

Your credit score isn’t reflective of the person you are now and your ability to make repayments to your mortgage. Your credit score simply represents a time where you may have experienced difficulty, that’s all. It doesn’t define you and you’ll be surprised at how many lenders understand this and are willing to provide you with the ideal mortgage even with bad credit, as they consider applications on a case by case basis.

How Does A Bad Credit Mortgage Work?

A bad credit mortgage is just like any other mortgage, apart from they are better suited to people that may have had problems paying their debts in the past.

You may feel like it will be a walk in the park trying to find a bad credit mortgage yourself. However, in doing so, you could cause further damage to your credit score. As most mortgage providers cater to people with a good credit score, there’s a risk that you’ll be rejected and having multiple applications for credit rejected in a short time frame is likely to damage your credit score and make matters worse.

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Many of the best bad credit mortgages are only available via a mortgage broker, which we are. So in order to ensure that you get the best mortgage deal, we highly recommend giving us a call so we can discuss your individual circumstances to help find the best bad credit mortgage for you.

We have access to lenders that will accept applications for: a mortgage even with bad credit, a bad credit first-time buyer mortgage, mortgage after IVA, mortgage after CCJ, mortgage after bankruptcy, mortgages with defaults or a debt management plan mortgage.

We can also help provide you with a remortgage with bad credit, to allow you to take out a new mortgage on a property you already own, to replace your existing mortgage to get a better deal or to borrow money against your property.

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Your credit score should not and doesn’t define you. Although you may be under the impression that you might struggle when it comes to obtaining that all-important mortgage, you still have options and access to the same mortgage deals as people with a good credit score.

Get in touch and we’ll find your ideal bad credit mortgage for you.

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